Why Businesses Lease

Leasing POS Equipment

Vision Business Solutions offers leasing of Point of Sale systems and can explain the ins and outs of the process and why it may work for your business.  

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More Budget Friendly

Leasing allows you to convert a large capital expenditure figure into smaller monthly payments. This enables you to acquire other equipment necessary for your business. Further, with leasing, you pay for the equipment as you use it. It is similar to an employee at work.

Leasing Conserves Capital

Leasing helps greatly in improving the overall financial status of the company by conserving operating investment and allowing more freedom for work capital and bank credit lines for other expenses such as inventories, expansions and emergencies.

Lease Process for POS System and Services

Select the Point of Sale system and the services that best fit your business from Vision Business Solutions and review the leasing quote.


You submit a simple lease application to the leasing company with your company information. The leasing company reviews the application within two business days.


The leasing company decides to approve or decline the application.


The leasing company sends through overnight courier or e-mails the lease documents to you for your signature. Then, you must return all required documents to the leasing company including any necessary upfront payment.

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Realize Tax Advantages

Leasingprovides a more rapid write-off because the lease term is shorter thanthe depreciable life of the equipment and the monthly payments are oftentax deductible as a pre-tax business expense.

Credit Diversification 

Leasing compliments existing bank relationships, keeping those lines of credit available for short-term needs.

Turnkey Financing

Leasing includes 100% financing of hardware, software, installation, maintenance, training, etc.